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Featured Brands
Mikey's LLC
Delicious low carb "English" Muffins and new Pizza Crusts.
Pure Traditions
Our favorite brand of paleo products. Instant hot cereals, ghee, bread mixes and more!
Primal Kitchen
Avocado oil based lineup of mayos and salad dressings.
Artisan Tropic
Delicious line of plantain and cassava strips. Made with sustainable palm oil.
Oregon Brineworks
Crunchy pickles, veggies and creative krauts. All raw, organic and delicious.
Jackson's Honest
The original health-conscious potato chips, time tested and cooked with coconut oil.
The original Paleo Wrap! Available in Original & Curry Flavors.
Portland Ketchup Company
Best tasting clean ketchup on the planet! The mustard is excellent as well.
Primal Paleo Concepts
The king of low-carb granolas, there's nothing else quite like this on the market.
Primal Island
Our most popular granola. Welcome to toasted coconut heaven.
Nick's Sticks
Reliable nutrient-dense snacks on the go. In Beef and Turkey.
Coconut Milk & Cream. An essential paleo replacement for dairy milk.
Pickled Planet
Huge lineup of super healthy raw, organic veggies and krauts.
Paleo Treats
Honey sweetened line of decadent paleo dessert treats.
Zukay Live Foods
Unique probiotic drinks made from organic veggies and sweetened with stevia.

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