beef, beef heart, beef kidney, dried cranberries (organic cranberries, blackberry honey), redmond ancient sea salt, ginger, onion, garlic, celery powder, cinnamon, lactic acid starter culture, packed in collagen casing.
Allergen Info:
none listed
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Pure Traditions
Mountain Sticks Cranberry
AIP Friendly Beef & Organ Meat
1 oz
Case Pack: 18
About this product...
  • AIP Friendly! No Irritative spices, no nightshades.
  • No gamey taste, slightly sweet. Kids love them.
  • Item #3398
More Info...
      We took our popular original grass-fed beef and organ stick and remade it from the ground up to be AIP (Auto-Immune Protocol) friendly. And we ended up with something so tasty that this might just be your new favorite version regardless of any dietary limitations.

Authentic. Sink your teeth into one of these bad boys, and you know you’re getting the real deal. No MSG, sugar, or chemicals. Just rugged paleo fare that tastes like real meat! Because it is.

Bite into a hand-made, textured piece of paleo power food that’s meant to be man-handled and appreciated for what it really is: not just jerky, but a genuine Mountain Stick.

Each stick packs 7 grams of tissue-building protein and 4.5 grams of wholesome saturated and unsaturated fat. And by protein, we mean 100% grass-fed beef – with a whopping 30% in the form of beef organs (heart, kidney), delivering the higher nutrient density that organ meat offers.

And the thing is, the taste is hearty and pure – not at all gamey. Even kids love them. So they’re not only a great snack, but a smart way for parents to give their kids the nutritional punch delivered by organ meats, even if they wouldn’t touch them otherwise.

That’s why we say around here, “They’re offaly delicious!”

Stock up on these beef and organ power snacks today.
"Our Thoughts:"
Hey AIP Community, you spoke and we listened! We are so pleased and excited to provide you with this quality product. It's delicious and so nutritious - please help us spread the word!

These sticks are hands-down the best we've ever come across. They are unique in that they contain about 30% organ meat for added nutrient density. Our ancestors ate head to tail, and understood the value of getting organ meats into the diet for optimal health and well being.