Frequently Asked Questions

How does shipping work?

We charge a flat shipping fee of $6.50 for order totals greater than $49 but less than $125 (These order amounts are the totals before the added shipping cost). If you spend $125 or more, shipping is FREE. Otherwise our flat rate shipping fee is $8.95. We ship FedEx and US Postal Service from our warehouse facility in Portland, Oregon. Orders generally arrive in 1-5 business days depending on your location and service. We generally try to ship USPS Priority Mail which is a 2 day delivery to most locations. Note: these rates are for continental USA destinations- see details below for non-continental USA, Territories and APO/FPO/DPO.

Why do you ship some perishable items “dry”? Won’t that spoil the product?

The cultured perishable items we sell that are stored cold but ship “dry” are incredibly stable because of their probiotic content. We ship these dry in order to save you money on shipping costs. We have directly consulted with the vendors of these products and they have given us their approval to proceed with this shipping method year-round. When you are a first time customer for these products you will receive an email outlining this policy on a one-time basis as well as see a detailed message prior to checkout. Any repeat orders for these products you will not trigger this notice. There are also items that we store frozen, such as breads and pastries that are fine to ship without cold packs, but they must be refrigerated or frozen upon arrival.

Do you ship to Alaska and Hawaii, APO/FPO/DPO and US Territories?

Yes, but perishable items for these destination are only allowable for Alaska and Hawaii. For other destinations, please make sure you do not have any live cultured perishable items in your cart prior to checkout, or you will be asked to delete them prior to completing checkout. We will pre-authorize your card for the order total plus $20 shipping, which will cover the cost of a large priority mail flat rate box. If we can fit your order into a medium box, then you will only be charged $16. This covers the increased shipping and handling costs that are involved. Please note that shipments to these destinations might require a few extra days of processing time prior to shipping.

Do you ship internationally?

Not as of yet. When we do it will be for non-perishable items only. But that’s a bit down the road at this point.

I ordered perishable products on Wednesday. Why will it ship next week?

Perishables products have to be shipped such that they do not sit in Fedex warehouse over a weekend. We don’t want to risk cultured vegetables and drinks “waking up” because they went several days over the five day window we prefer for optimum product quality. So if you’re in a 3 day zone and you order perishables on a Wednesday, they will go out the following Monday. We have experienced delays due to storms throwing the transportation system off, but generally speaking shipping operations are pretty consistent.

Some items I have ordered are missing/damaged. What should I do?

Ooops! We’re sorry we goofed and/or products were damaged in shipment. Typically we refund the amount of the missing/damaged products from the order amount as a matter of course. While we strive to get every order right mistakes do happen and this is the most cost effective way to handle these manners. Please contact customer service via our website or call us to report any problems.

I see some things are out of stock. When can I expect these items to be restocked?

This depends on a number of factors. In some cases out of stock items can be replenished quickly. There are situations when a supplier is out of a product or makes on an as-needed basis and so availability is spotty. As time goes by these problems will be less apparent. If an item is out of stock, you can request an email notification be sent to you when the product is restocked. You can request this in the product detail page.

I have items in my basket. How do I checkout?

In the upper right hand of the website you’ll see a shopping basket icon that will have a number to indicate the number of items in your basket. When you click that icon you will be sent to your cart. You’ll see a checkout button and clicking that button will guide you through the checkout process. If you are a new customer, you will be checking out as a guest and will be given the chance to add a password after checkout in order to have an account. By choosing this option, subsequent order check out is fast and easy as your shipping and payment methods are securely stored at our card processor,, allowing multiple payment and shipping addresses if desired, as well as the ability to see order history, a favorites list and more.

Do you have nutrition facts and ingredient info available?

There is a small icon on the top left of the product detail page that shows displays this information upon clicking.

What is your definition of Paleo?

There are a lot of varied viewpoints on what is and is not Paleo, but the core concepts are generally well established. Here is our basic approach to the matter: We have very stringent ingredient requirements for all of the products we sell. Some have commented that we should get rid of anything with added sugar and this isn’t paleo and that isn’t paleo and so forth. The fact is, Wild Mountain Paleo Market is a paleo store for the real world. People still like to bake things, so we offer various kinds of sugar and honey and so forth. We are not going to be the carb police, each person must decide to what level of paleo compliance (and even that definition) works for them.

We want to satisfy a wide range of people’s needs and so we have a wide range of products. We strictly enforce the Environmental Working Group’s list of the worst offenders of pesticide residue. Many so-called “paleo” products out there contain non-organic apples and apple-derived products like cider vinegar or other non-organic items that are very high on the EWG list. To be accepted by Wild Mountain Paleo Market, any apples or other products in the top 10 of the list, and are the main ingredient, must be organic. Any beef in our products is grass fed and finished, and fish are wild caught. Our snack foods are the best we can find. There are no grains, soy, legumes or GMO’s as ingredients, and we will not sell products from vendors that have corporate ownership that support the GMO industry and Big Agra. We sweat the details so that you can shop with a lot less stress.


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