At Wild Mountain, supporting your health is our top priority and integrity is our guiding philosophy.

Our goals:

Provide convenience by offering a vast selection of paleo lifestyle products under one roof, saving you time and expense. Delivery of our products is fast and affordable.*

Foster proliferation of new, paleo-focused food companies that will utilize our store as a platform to reach a larger, national audience, helping to ensure their success.

Set standards of substance. We will not participate in the dilution of what it means to be paleo. We have set our own strict ingredient guidelines based upon unbiased scientific research** and also work closely with groups such as the Paleo Foundation to help identify products that meet our standards. Food vendors are already beginning to flood the marketplace with sub-par, so-called “paleo compliant” products. We hope that in time, our policies will help these well-meaning but misguided food companies create acceptable, high quality products. If everyone maintains high standards, the fledgling paleo movement can avoid being co-opted by corporate interests, in contrast to what has happened to the organic food industry.

Spread awareness of the important health related issues of our time via blog entries, a newsletter, conference sponsorships, our books department and the resources section of our website.

Enable you to make informed decisions via a web site that prioritizes content over marketing. All of our products' ingredients and nutrition facts are easy to find. Additionally, we're building a powerful advanced search engine with which you can query products by their nutrients, ingredients, certifications, etc. and sort search results by important factors such as carbohydrate content.

We invite you to join us in our mission by shifting your grocery purchases wherever possible from corporate, profit-focused, GMO-supporting “natural foods” stores to shops such as ours. Each dollar spent is a vote for change. With enough votes, together we can build a better future where health and wellbeing are our top priorities.

*View our Shipping Policy for more information.

**View our Ingredients Policy for more information.


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