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Ketchup, BBQ & Mustard (1 items)

Featuring Portland Ketchup and Mustard from great Portland, Oregon and KC Natural BBQ Sauces.

Mayonnaise (1 items)

We've been waiting a long time for a real paleo compliant mayonnaise, and finally they are coming! Besides the offering from Primal Kitchen, we have "Payo" made from unrefined macadamia nut oil.

Hot Sauce (0 items)

Hot Winter heirloom hot sauces are another unique Portland, Oregon product. We know many of you like spicy, and these hot sauces have no nonsense ingredients in them!

Preserved Fruits & Vegetables (0 items)

Wild Mountain offers fine olives and artichokes for garnishes, soups and other dishes.

Other (0 items)

In addition to "standard" type condiments, Wild Mountain offers unsweetened organic juices, coconut aminos and the Red Boat fish sauce.

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