Jerky & Dried Meat

Wild Mountain carries an assortment of meat snacks in bars, jerky, and sticks from beef, buffalo, lamb and turkey.
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Bars & Bites (1 items)

Tanka Bars and Bites are moist and chewy. The bites tend to be softer than the bars. You also can't go wrong with Wild Zora or Brick Bars!

Jerky & Biltong (1 items)

Our jerky offerings do not have soy, natural smoke flavoring, or other natural flavors. This is partly why our jerky selection is many jerkies that are otherwise great have soy-something and for Wild Mountain soy is always a no-no.

Sticks (0 items)

We have a wide range of sticks, from grass-fed beef, free range turkey, pastured pork and even a beef with organ meat stick. Spicy versions are also available.

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