Affiliate Program
Affiliate Program
Affiliates Frequently Asked Questions

How often are payments made?

We mail commission checks the middle of each month, for the calendar month preceding. So for example, any sales commissions earned for the month of July or before would be paid on August 15th. We will only send a check if the balance due is over $25, otherwise we wait until that minimum is met. Once it's met we send the entire balance. If you choose to put your account on hold you may request an amount that is less than $25 balance to be paid out with the next pay date.

Why do you have two different cookie periods and payout rates?

In grocery affiliate programs, you'll find that most have a maximum 30 day life and a much lower rate than our 10.5% (there's one huge, you might say "amazon" sized website that pays just 4% on grocery and a one day cookie life). But we wanted to go a step further and extend that time period, so we came up with the second period and rate as an added incentive to reward our hard working affiliates.

Can you give an example of how the two different commission rates work?

Sure. Let's say you bring us a customer and their first purchase is $80. And then 3 weeks later they make another purchase for $100. Since these are both within 30 days, your commission would be .105 x 180 = $18.90. Now let's assume they make a third purchase for $125 six weeks after their first purchase. So now we are into the second 30 day period where the commission is 5%. So that earned commission would be .05 x 125 = $6.25. Assuming the customer does not make any more purchases within the 60 day total cookie life, then your total earned commission from this one referral would be $25.15. We often get a lot of repeat business from customers within their first 60 days once they have gotten the first order as they are usually thrilled to have found such a huge variety of paleo approved foods, so this is a very conservative example.

Do you have giveaways and product review programs?

We are able to offer such programs on a case by case basis. Contact us if you feel your website may be a good match for this.

Can I earn commissions on my own personal account purchases?

Yes, we'd love to also have you as a customer. So if you've never created an account with us, you can use one of your own links to enter our site and earn the commission on your own sale!

I'm pretty good with graphic design, can I make my own custom banners to promote Wild Mountain Paleo on my website?

Yes, and we have some various logo elements that you can use. Just make sure that if you show any product images or brand names that they are actually available to purchase on our site.